About ILFC

The International Luxury Fashion Council, (ILFC ) is a Global trade association that leads industry-wide initiatives and whose membership consists of more than 5000 of Worldwide foremost watches, jewelry, women wear, menswear, wearable devices and designers accessory.

In addition to hosting the annual ILFC Fashion Awards, which recognize the top creative talent in the industry, the organization offers programs which support professional development and scholarships, including the ILFC /NGO’s Fund. Member support is provided through the Business Services Network, a high-profile group of companies & Ultra high net worth individuals offering brands & designers strategic opportunities.

Established in 2011, ILFC has been a facilitator and a catalyst for the advancement of the Global Fashion Industry, in keeping with the dynamic market forces. A truly Worldwide fashion body, ILFC weaves designers from various Countries, states, cities and towns of world into one cohesive body. In doing this, ILFC plays an important role in developing the fashion market and steering the industry towards its ultimate goal of attaining sustainable growth. ILFC has taken Fashion to the globe. The fashion industry has grown significantly in international stature and reputation, and continues to prove itself as an innovative industry with a promising future.

ILFC has an arm dedicated for Fresh Designers community known as
Amateur International Fashion Council-AIFC, Which advices and assists fashion designers, retailers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, choreographers, Photographers and manufacturers alike in improving business practices and raising professional standards while creating domestic and international opportunities. ILFC offers various opportunities to promote the business of fashion and recognizes the potential of fashion professionals through its platforms –International Luxury Fashion Week showcases, and other International Shows to tap and channelize the growing potential of fashion industry.
As international body for fashion industry, ILFC has been able to build its credibility over in years by associating with the government and various ministries worldwide.